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Carl Watts’ review of A Devil Every Day is now available online at Hamilton Arts & Letters.

“Nyman is one of very few critics engaging with the concept of whiteness in a way other than casting the capacious, shifting, and ill-defined identity category as an indicator of pure evil. [...] Suffice it to say that this is a culturally fraught topic; A Devil Every Day takes that freight as its premise.” — Carl Watts

Your Very Own is mentioned in Jim Johnstone’s Write, Print, Fold and Staple: On Poetry and Micropress in Canada!

My review of Conceptions of White at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto (11 January - 23 March 2023) has been published in Border Crossings 163.

Jade Wallace’s review of A Devil Every Day is now available at CAROUSEL.

“Plants, in the peace of their flourishing, become a kind of answer, or a balm, or an antidote, or merely something else to think about, for an overactive mind burdened with a thousand moral quandaries that can never quite be satisfactorily resolved.” — Jade Wallace