︎ Academic CV

John Nyman is an experienced postsecondary and adult educator whose teaching practice centres on critical thinking, creativity, and communication. Currently he is a sessional lecturer and writing instructor working with the Engineering Communication Program and Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering at the University of Toronto. He also occasionally facilitates literary arts courses at Workman Arts, a multidisciplinary arts organization for artists with lived experience of mental health and addiction issues. In the past he has taught or assisted in courses on creative writing, English literature, and women’s and gender studies.

Emphasizing strong critical thinking, reading, and writing skills across his teaching in a variety of contexts, John pursues a participatory, strengths-based pedagogy that encourages students to build on their existing facility with and understanding of language. In this regard, he especially strives to acknowledge and elevate the unique means by which readers, writers, and speakers of diverse backgrounds approach communication and thought.