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John Nyman completed a Ph.D. at Western University’s Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism in 2018. His dissertation, titled “Double/Cross: Erasure in Theory and Poetry,” explores the use of overt textual erasure in literary and philosophical writing, particularly Jacques Derrida’s “writing under erasure” and contemporary erasure poetry. Other research interests include visual and conceptual poetry, aesthetic theory, and phenomenology.

In recent years, John has focused on exploring applications and elaborations of his scholarly research outside academic frameworks. These pursuits include his participation in ad hoc reading and discussion groups, his emphasis on teaching critical thinking and communication skills in a variety of pedagogical contexts, and his work as a creative and critical writer. Informed by the belief that philosophical thought is valuable in domains as diverse as creativity, relationships, and wellness, he hopes to incorporate his intellectual work into holistic, embodied explorations of themes such as irony, rhetorical personae, and white and other normative identities.